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For our high traffic web site customers we offer Advanced Hosting.  Advanced hosting helps you deal with those great problems that many companies wish for such as getting millions of hits at the same time. Of course it’s only a great problem if your site isn’t crashing and closing the doors on your business.
This is where nwiNetworks’s technical expertise, planning and design of hardware configuration come into play. It takes careful planning and expertise to devise a configuration that can handle the stress of millions of simultaneous hits.

nwiNetworks has many high volume clients and particular experience in the entertainment industry. We are familiar with monitoring web sites that receive millions upon millions of hits for relatively short periods of time before stabilizing to their normal web site traffic levels.  nwiNetworks can devise a plan for any business worldwide that ensures your web site will stay up and running, no matter how many users log on at any given time.
One of nwiNetworks’s certified system engineers will design a custom plan to meet your company’s unique needs.

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