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Server Colocation is a great option for talented web administrators that know how to administer their server but need a place to plug it in. Colocation with nwiNetworks offers the state of the art facility, superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections expected from a high tech hosting facility.

nwiNetworks's Colocation Solution:

With nwiNetworks’ Integrated Colocation, you never have to worry about "too much success." We can instantly scale hardware to meet http requests.  We can instantly scale bandwidth allotments so that every request for software download gets answered successfully. Colocation with nwiNetworks takes the guessing out of your success – instantly scale and grow without the hassles. Before our bandwidth reaches 30% utilization during peak Internet times, nwiNetworks Colocation team upgrades and adds additional bandwidth. That bandwidth is ready for use before our peak traffic utilization even hits 40%. This ensures that our clients have the resources they need to run a successful online venture. With nwiNetworks Colocation, you can rest easier at night knowing we are watching your web servers, bandwidth utilization and download requests; making sure that every customer is able to retrieve whatever they need from your web site!

Key Features of Integrated Colocation Services:

nwiNetworks has two colocation space options available:

  1. Secure private full rack colocation, half rack colocation, third rack colocation
  2. Private colocation data suites