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Data Backup is also known as remote backup service (RBS) or remote storage service (RSS)

To sell youvault data vaulting we must first explain data vaulting. So what is Data Backup?

Data Backup is the simple process of sending data off-site, where it can be protected from hardware failures, theft, and other threats. It’s a Web backup service that compress’, encrypts, and periodically transmits customer data to a remote vault. youvault data vaulting features auxiliary power supplies, and powerful computers.

nwiNetworks offers multi-site backup/recovery software that combines utility service provisioning with disk-based WAN-optimized architecture to shatter the limitations of traditional distributed-backup software. Our unique agent-less architecture does not require agents/clients to be installed on target machines.

youvault data vaulting provides grid-based performance and capacity scaling for virtually unlimited data growth; allowing our software to support any backup load. The youvault data vaulting addresses the backup challenges that both enterprises and service providers face. youvault data vaulting is a robust backup/recovery solution with many product features and optional modules.

Key Benefits

nwiNetworks Data Backup basic software components:

youvault Data Backup Client Software – The DS-Client is designed to accommodate a range of heterogeneous network backup requirements, and transmits data efficiently and securely to the nwinetworks datacenter via an IP WAN offsite. The DS-Client adopts the LAN’s existing security infrastructure to access data for backup. Unlimited DS-Clients are included with each youvault package and customers may install as many or few that are required. The DS-Client may run on an existing machine or a dedicated resource.

Because enterprise laptop users or single-PC home office customers have no complex network backup requirements, much of the rich functionality contained within the DV-Client package is unnecessary. To accommodate portable or single PC users, whose requirements are limited to fast, simple, single PC backups/restores, nwiNetworks offers the DV-Client Lite installation, which only protects the host machine on which it is installed.

nwiNetworks DV Features
Agentless Support:S=Server,/D=Desktop/L=Laptop

Extensive OS Support

Extensive Database Support

Dynamic Backup, Flexible Fast Restores

Enterprise Scalability

Enterprise Consistent Data Integrity

Secure Data Storage & WAN Transport

WAN & Storage Optimized

Service Oriented Architecture & Reporting

De-duplicated Capacity Based Licensing

Compliance, Discovery, & ILM Aware

Single Managed Product for All Backup Restore