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nwiNetworks offers a dedicated server as a versatile option for e-business solutions, live broadcasts, intranets, extranets and of course for web hosting. A dedicated server is great for resellers or any business that requires the speed, reliability and the security of a dedicated server. A dedicated server can also provide clustering, load balancing and disaster recovery solutions for your business. A leased dedicated server is not shared with anyone else. A dedicated server gives you the choice of operating system, services, and hardware. Administration of your dedicated server can be done by you or our experienced system administrators. A dedicated server has less overhead and a larger return on investment. The dedicated server has a redundant power sources and HVAC systems. Your dedicated server will have a multi-homed fiber optic connection to the internet. Included with the dedicated server are monitoring, recovery, and administrative maintenance such as updates and security patches. With a dedicated server you donít have to purchase or update equipment, you can choose the hard drive size, data transfer allowance, processor speed, and amount of memory.

Key Features of a Managed Dedicated Server:

A Dedicated Server is:

In-House Web Hosting vs. nwiNetworks- Outsourcing to nwiNetworks is highly
cost effective:

Forester Research estimates that the average company will spend $120,000 or more annually on their
own in-house Internet server operations.

In-House vs. Outsource to nwiNetworks
Average Startup Costs In-House Outsource to nwiNetworks
Unix Web Server $6,000 Included Free
Router/CSU/DSU $10,000 Included Free
UPS Backup $1,000 Included Free
Initial Configuration/Setup $5,000 $150
Total Startup Cost $22,000 $150
Average Monthly Costs In-House Outsource to nwiNetworks
Technician/Monthly Maintenance $5,000 Included Free
Connection (DS-3) $5,000 Included Free
Server Lease $0 $99
Total Monthly Cost $10,000 $99
First Year Cost $120,000 $1,188

nwiNetworks SAVES YOU $118,000 PER YEAR!

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